March 21, 2017
When you look closely, it is the case that Yank Barry’s life story can be separated into three very distinct sections. Of course, the first chapter was all about the music. Yank spent just under 30 years in the music industry, where he was a lead singer for the Footprints and the touring band for rock legends The Kingsmen, who can boast of one of the most-covered songs in rock history with "Louie Louie." He also wrote a number of very memorable jingles.

The second part of his life story can be called the entrepreneurial section. This part of his life features a remarkable level of success as the founder and executive with Vitapro, manufacturers of a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product that is still very popular. And it was his business travel for Vitapro that brought him to what can be called his Chapter Three, which is the philanthropic chapter. While traveling, he saw people in many parts of the world living under appalling conditions and he wanted to change that. Now, Yank Berry works closely with NGOs and local agencies to help people, even in some politically unstable areas, like war-torn Syria, Iraq and Iran.